Arbor Oils Of Africa Certified Organic Frankincense And Myrrh:

Arbor Oils of Africa specializes in the distillation of frankincense and myrrh essential oils. These are collected from the resins which naturally exude from the wild trees of the Boswellia and Commiphora species in the semi arid areas of north Kenya . The Arbor Oils collection areas for the resins are in pastoralist areas in north Kenya where the trees grow naturally and abundantly. Normally collection of resins is naturally wild harvested but in order to promote trade and to reassure customers on sustainability of harvesting and traceability of the frankincense and myrrh, the areas are certified organic. The collectors who are mainly women, are organized into collection groups. The members of the collection groups are recorded and before organic collection begins the members sit together with the director of Arbor Oils to discuss sustainable ways of harvesting and methods of recording their harvests. This brain storming session is recorded so that every member is aware of the importance of preserving and nurturing the trees through sustainable collection. Each collector brings wild harvested certified resins to the collection centres where they are packed into clean bags ready to be delivered to the distillation plant. Records are kept from collection of the resins, sorting, transport to distillation plant and to final packing of the essential oils so that the oils can be traced all the way back to the collection site to ensure transparency and traceability. The resins are steam distilled, filtered and then packed in sealed drums ready for export. There are no additives. The frankincense and myrrh essential oils are from uncontaminated sustainably wild harvested resins. The certifiers have a trained and experienced inspector from Kenya who visits the collection sites and the distillation plant every year and once satisfied that the stringent organic conditions have been kept the frankincense & muyrrh is certified organic and a certificate is issued to Arbor Oils of Africa.